Question Answers

Wash lab Merrylands laundrette with washing machines and dryers plus free detergent and softener and a bench to fold clothes
Two extra large touch screen cashless stainless steel 34 kg dryers. There is a trolley containing dried green blanket

We provide FREE detergent and softener.

Our washers automatically dispense premium detergent and softener with every load. And the clothes smell heavenly.

The detergent and softener is pumped from the back of the washing machine. The quantity of the detergent is carefully controlled.

We are a cashless laundromat. All of our washers and dryers are card operated only.

Yes, absolutely. Our machines are large enough to wash and dry blankets, quilts and doonas (Please read the instruction label on clothes before washing and drying).

Both washing and drying can be completed in under an hour.

We are open on all days during the year.

Yes, we have CCTV in our laundromat.

There are many benefits of using a laundromat

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Save space at home.
  3. Save money to buy machines, detergent and softener.
  4. Save money on electricity, gas and water
  5. Save time. Finish all washing and drying in less than an hour.
  6. Better cleaning of clothes
  7. Higher speed machines

At this stage, we don't have a pick-up or drop-off service.

Laundromat or self-service laundromat is where you pay to do your own laundry, which is cheaper and requires you to spend some time and effort doing your work.

Laundry service is where you pay the service provider to do your laundry in your place. Although this service saves you some time, it’s a bit costlier than laundromats.

Washer at Laundromat Washer at Home
Speed of machine 200 G force 60 G force to 80 G force
Time for one load (27kg) 18 minutes to 28 minutes 180 minutes or 3 hours (3 cycles of standard size home machine)
Washing blankets, quilts and doonas Absolutely yes Only thin blankets
Moisture 60% moisture remains after washing 80% moisture remains after washing
Energy efficient Yes May be