Chatswood Laundromat

Welcome to our super cool Wash Lab Chatswood Laundromat! We’re your go-to spot for laundry fun in Chatswood, NSW 2067. Doing laundry here is as easy as playing your favourite game on a tablet!

Open 24 hrs

Large Capacity

Free Detergent
and Softener

Coin laundromat wash lab laundromat in Merrylands with stainless steel 34 kg dryer and a clothes trolley

Picture this: You get to wash and dry your clothes using awesome machines with touch screens. And guess what? No need for cash! Our laundromat is cashless, so any card works. Plus, we’ve got nearby parking on Brown Street, so parking is a breeze. We keep our place squeaky clean, cleaning it every single day!

We’ve got handy trolleys to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer and then to folding tables.

And don’t worry, we’ve got your safety covered with CCTV cameras watching over everything. Our machines are super speedy and efficient—no long waits here! You can wash and dry your clothes in under an hour, even big stuff like blankets and pillows. And guess what’s even cooler? We give you detergent and softener for FREE!

Here’s the best part: our machines are eco-friendly, so they’re good for the planet. And the cherry on top? Our laundromat is budget-friendly too! Keep your clothes fresh without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s a little pile or a huge load, our self-serviced Chatswood Laundromat is the perfect place for you! It’s easy, safe, fast, and eco-friendly. Swing by and discover how simple and enjoyable laundry can be!

Oh, and don’t forget to savor the coffee from Briskett café next door while you’re here. We’re the hassle-free laundry spot where cleanliness meets convenience, making the planet smile with our eco-friendly touch! Come on over to our amazing laundromat soon!

Services Offered

Chatswood laundry makes the laundry services easy as a breeze. The Chatswood self-serviced laundromat converts a difficult long 5 hours weekly chore into 1 hour of convenience. This gives you another 4 hours of your life back to enjoy what you love the most. Our laundry is bright, modern and easy to use.

Two Extra large 27Kg stainless steel, cashless, touch screen operated, washing machines with an empty trolley and a bench

Self-Service Laundry

You bring the laundry and let our machines do the washing and drying for you.
We also provide FREE detergent and softener.
Our extra-large washing machines can wash up to 27 Kg of clothes in one go. And we have 2 of these workhorse washing machines. These machines can take up to 6 buckets of clothes.
Our extra-large dryers can dry up to 34 Kg of clothes in one go. Choose from the convenience of 30 minutes or 48 minutes dry option.
Coin laundry Merrylands with many washing machines and dryers, clean floor, trolley with clothes, card reader, bench, dustbin

Business or Commercial

Wash Lab Chatswood Laundromat offers local businesses great commercial laundry rates. We help the following and many more of the businesses for their laundry needs:
AirBnB operator, Cafe, Childcare Centre, Hair & Beauty, Hotel / Motel, Massage & Physiotherapy, Restaurant, Spa / Health Club / Gym, Sporting Club, etc
We provide for a cost-efficient alternative to expensive dry cleaning and laundering services.

Contact us at and tell us as much as you can about your laundry washing and drying needs, such as


We use ultra-modern LCD touch screen operated washing machines and dryers. These machines are designed and manufactured in the USA by the world’s largest laundromat equipment manufacturer. The LCD touch screen of Chatswood Laundromat has the option to talk and display in 35 different languages. These machines are fast, efficient, sustainable and economical.

Our laundromat washing machines have 4 setting options of Normal Wash, Hot Wash, Warm Wash and Delicate clothes. The laundry washing machines can wash your clothes twice as fast than your home washing machine. It can wash the clothes from 24 minutes. And the largest washing machines of size 27 kg can take a whooping 6 baskets of clothes. These machines can also wash your doonas, blankets, duvets and pillows. Unlike some other laundromats, Chatswood laundry does not charge you extra for hot water.

Our laundromat Chatswood dryers have 5 dryer settings. These are High, Medium, Low, Delicates and No Heat. The modern Chatswood coin laundromat dryers also provide FREE anti-wrinkle option. This anti-wrinkle option protects items from wrinkling after tumble dry completes.

A walkthrough of our Laundromat

Why Choose Us

At WashLab Chatswood Laundry we know washing can be a chore. Therefore, you will find that we have everything you need to get your washing and drying done fast and fuss free. All you need to do is to just bring in your washing baskets, and you’ll find everything else you need is available in The Wash Lab Laundromat Chatswood.

Our coin laundromat boasts the best quality, efficient commercial card operated washing machines and dryers as well as comfortable stores where you can actually relax and take some time to catch up on social media, or have a coffee and simply relax.

Our Specialities

FREE laundry detergent and softener that smells amazing

CCTV for safety and security

Modern LCD touch screen operated machines

Climate controlled /

Easy parking available on Brown Street

Bright and cleaned daily

Open 24 hrs

We accept all major cards including Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Eco Friendly – our made in USA washing machines and dryers are fast, efficient and economical than domestic machines

Generous seating

Customer Reviews


The prices for Chatswood Laundromat are reasonable and we believe in providing value to our customers.

Wash Lab

Washing Machine prices

  • 9 Kg washer - $8.88 (suitable for approximately 1 clothes buckets)
  • 14 Kg washer - $11.88 (suitable for approximately 2 clothes buckets)
  • 23 Kg washer - $15.88 (suitable for approximately 4 clothes buckets)
  • 27 Kg washer - $16.88 (suitable for approximately 5 clothes buckets)
Wash Lab

Drying cycle – 28 minutes

  • 14 Kg dryer - $8 (suitable for approximately 3 clothes buckets)
  • 20 Kg dryer - $9 (suitable for approximately 4 clothes buckets)
  • 23 Kg dryer - $10 (suitable for approximately 5 clothes buckets)
  • 34 Kg dryer - $12 (suitable for approximately 6 clothes buckets)
Wash Lab

Drying cycle – 48 minutes

  • 14 Kg dryer - $11 (suitable for approximately 3 clothes buckets)
  • 20 Kg dryer - $12 (suitable for approximately 4 clothes buckets)
  • 23 Kg dryer - $13 (suitable for approximately 5 clothes buckets)
  • 34 Kg dryer - $15 (suitable for approximately 6 clothes buckets)

Payment Method

We are a cashless laundromat. All of our washers and dryers are card operated only.
We accept all major cards from all banks. These include but not limited to:

Areas We Service

We service a large area with customers coming from all around the following suburbs:


Wash Lab Chatswood Laundromat is located at Shop 4, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067.

Chatswood laundry is located closer to the following Landmarks:

Mantra Chatswood (80 metres)

Chatswood Interchange/Station (200 metres)

Chatswood Toyota (200 metres)

Chatswood Public School (450 metres)

Chatswood Westfield (550 metres)

Chatswood High School (700 metres)

Common Questions

Shop 4, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067

Public car parking is available on Brown St.